Bangkok Haunted (2000)

Reviewed By-Steve Genier
Director-Pisuth Praesaeng-im and Oxide Pang
Cast-Pete Thong-Jeur, Pramote Sangsorn Pimsiree, Pimsee, Dawan Singha-Wee, Kalyanut Sriboonreung
Source-Ekco Video DVD release (NTSC REGION 3)

Three girls sitting in a local pub during present day decide to share three different stories that pertain to the supernatural.

Legend of the Drum

Upon receiving the wrong shipment of a mysterious drum, an antique dealer decides to find the truth about it's origin. As she digs closer, she begins to have nightmares and visions that seem to be projected from the drum. Visions that date back seventy years in the past. The story of a young women and her mysteriously disfigured friend who grow up together. As they get older, she begins to be courted by a young man, this however doesn't sit right with her long-time friend who has formed a secret love for her. He decided that if she will not be with him, that one can have her.

Black Magic Women

Upon discovering a secret love potion called "Black Magic Women" a young women finds that it seems to be working on those she is attracted to. One slight problem, there's a price to be paid. After making love to her first attraction, he becomes violently sick and dies. The second attraction is hit and killed by a car just outside her apartment. They come back to haunt her in the worst way.


After the mysterious suicide dead of a young women, a cop continues on with the investigation which he believes to be a murder. As he gets closer to proving he is right, by uncovering several keys point, he becomes to involved. It becomes clearer that there is an underlining reason why he is perusing this case. A reason that gets in the way of his better judgment.


Well after seeing the very hauntingly beautiful Pang Brothers film THE EYE, I decided to dig deeper into their filmography. The first victim being BANGKOK HAUNTING, simply because of the description this film brought with it. Although Oxide Pang only directed one of the three stories (REVENGE), it was still a film I wanted to see. Although not really disappointed entirely, it didn't seem to have the same impact that THE EYE left with me. The first two stories (LEGEND OF THE DRUM AND BLACK MAGIC WOMEN) were sub-par attempts, it was the third story entitled REVENGE that seemed to be the most complete and indepth story that carried the weight of them as a whole. Pang again displays an artful montage of imaginery that flows with despair. Atmospheric, dark and very deep with shades, you get a feel for the chilling scenery projected on the screen.

LEGEND OF THE DRUM, starts off very strong with several scare tactics that actually give you a chill. Storywise it seems unfinished and hurried in several parts. Never really giving you the full feel for any of the characters. It's ashame because it's truly the starting point to very interesting story. My guess, it would've worked better as a full feature and not as a short story. BLACK MAGIC WOMEN again is the same, I felt that I was left standing in the dark. Although some really stunning camera shots and imagery did manage to tweak some genuine interest, that however was short lived. The acting in both these segments were average with no real stand-out qualities. Still, this film is worth a view indeed even if I tend to sound disappointed a little with it. The first two stories are good set-ups to the strong entry directed by Oxide Pang. The common thread that is weaved between each story works very well, the overall theme of the supernatural is projected very conveniencingly between the three girls telling the tales of ghostly encounters.

My viewing material was the Region 3 NTSC release from Edko Video. Presented in widescreen and accompanied with 5.1 dolby digital and DTS options. Both sound and visuals were very clear and crisp with very little flaws. I did however encounter an area where the disc seem to seize, but that my of been due to my player. This disc also features a behind the scenes look at the making and myth being the film. There are also trailers, tv spots and cast and crew filmographies. Not to forget the most important feature, English sub-titles, even with the Making of...feature.


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Story-2.5 Bitch Slaps
Picture/Audio-3.5 Bitch Slaps
Extras-4 Bitch Slaps
Overall-3 Bitch Slaps